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Primastone Quartz Slabs are manufactured by combining finely ground quartz with resin, stabilizing polymers and coloring pigments to form a slab, and then polished to a beautiful mirror glaze.

At Primastone, we hold ourselves to the highest standard. For that reason, our production process includes many rigorous practices and procedures to ensure the end result is the best it can possibly be. Some of which are listed below


Production planning is of the utmost importance when fabricating custom counter-tops. To accommodate all type of customers our design team accepts project drawings in all formats, weather they be hand drawn or AUTOCAD.

Production drawings are then made using AUTO CAD/CAM software as Slab Machining Drawings and Counter Finishing drawings are made for each custom piece that must be manufactured.

Designing on Laptop
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Slab cutting drawings are converted into CAM files and fed into our CNC machines and carry out any other cutting or milling operation automatically.

The CNC machine uses a Diamond Saw to cut straight edges and a Diamond Router bit to cut out curved counters and corners, bespoke sink holes, faucet holes.

The CNC machine then uses Diamond edge profiling wheels to made intricate edge profiles


The edges of the countertops need to be Grinded into the desired shape and Polished for a smooth finish.

The edge profile is made using our proprietary machines and guides with the help of CNC Grinding wheels. This ensures a smooth and symmetric finish on all the edges.

Final polishing is carried out by hand by our expert artisans, using a globally accepted 5 pad wet polishing process

Marble and granite
Countertop Measurement


Finally, each countertop is inspected using the CAD generated finishing drawings by our quality inspectors to ensure that each piece leaving the factory is absolutely perfect.

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Making perfect countertops is one thing, but we also need to ensure that they get to you in perfect shape.


We, use wooden crates with foam and sealed air shock dampeners with metal straps to ensure that there are no damages enroute.

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