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Primastone® Material Properties

There’s a lot that happens behind the scene at Primastone Quartz to ensure our clients receive the highest quality and most reliable products possible. To bring our exceptional product to light, we’ve outlined a few key features you’ll receive when you choose Primastone for your project.


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We have done our best to provide a representative average for comparison and analysis. However, this data cannot be considered final or binding for the following reasons.

  • Some properties of quartz vary between Ranges, for example the hardness of the Primastone Granello Range is not exactly the same as that of the Primastone Classico Range.

  • Properties for natural materials like Granite, Marble and Wood vary with location and variety of sample. (caused by chemical composition of material)

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Primastone® scores 8/10 On Moh’s scale of hardness

This is determined by how hard a material when comparison to a Diamond (which scores 10/10)

Primastone® owes this characteristic to its key ingredient, Pure Natural Quartz, one of the toughest industrially processed material in the world

Interestingly, Primastone® Scores higher than granite, stainless steel, marble, ceramic tiles, laminate and wood on Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

High durability ensures resistance to scratches and prevents loss of shine. This allows for direct chopping on the countertops and resistance to wear in high foot traffic areas.

Therefore Primastone® is a great material for scratch prone areas


Primastone achieves an absorption rate of 0.02%.

This is determined by how much water a material absorbs.

The low level of absorption is achieved as Primastone® does  not contain any micropores that can hold liquids and subsequently lock in the stains from its residual matter. 

It is inevitable to spill coffee, ketchup, masala or wine on kitchen or bathroom counters. Therefore it is essential that the material of choice for these applications has a minimum level of absorption or porosity to ensures easy maintenance. Primastone with its low absorption rate of 0.02% is perfect for such areas.

Therefore Primastone® is a great material for high spill areas

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