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Primastone Quartz Slabs are manufactured by combining finely ground quartz with resin, stabilizing polymers and coloring pigments to form a slab, and then polished to a beautiful mirror glaze.

At Primastone, we hold ourselves to the highest standard. For that reason, our production process includes many rigorous practices and procedures to ensure the end result is the best it can possibly be. Some of which are listed below


All the basic raw materials that make up a Primastone® Slab like Natural Quartz Grits (approx. 96% by weight), Resin (approx. 4% by weight), coloring agents (traces), and texturing material are carefully tested and then mixed together in  giant overhead mixers. Its imprtant to note that the same basic manufacturing procedure is carried out for all variants and colors of Primastone® Quartz.  


The mixture is spread onto trays and compressed under extreme pressure and vibration. The compressed mixture then moves to a curing chamber where it is heated (at approx 90°C) for roughly an hour and then left to cool. This stage activates the resin in the mixture which combines with the quartz to form a slab. These uneven & rough slabs now possess the quintessential  Primastone® hardness and stain resistance.


In this stage all four sides of the uneven slab are trimmed to the required size using two sets of parallel diamond saws. The upper and lower surfaces of the slab are calibrated using a multi-head diamond calibration machine to attain the exact required thickness.  And the finished surface is polished using a multi head polishing machine to attain a perfect mirror glaze. This mirror glaze is what makes your Primastone® counter stand out.

Quality Control


At Primastone® Quartz every stage of the manufacturing process is monitored right from sourcing the right raw materials to exacting quality control standards. Every slab is tested by our Quality control department for defects and impurities. Only after their approval are the slabs sorted and labeled to enter our distribution system.

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